Accidents attributable to rigging can be catastrophic. Inspecting, documenting and tracking the condition of rigging equipment is paramount to managing the inherent risks associated with rigging/lift operations. This software is designed to help managers and operators do just that. Proper use of this software demonstrates an organizational commitment to safety and integrity management.

Web Browser Requirements

This software makes extensive use of responsive web design (RWD). This means it is designed to be effective on many different devices and platforms. This application supports large desktop screens, smaller tablet screens and even many smartphone-sized displays. Cross-platform support is enhanced further via the broad use of push-buttons. Buttons promote a better user experience on touch-enabled systems like tablets and smartphones. This software also leverages modern techniques to achieve efficient use of network bandwidth, which is particularly important when accessing the application via mobile network.

For these reasons, it is recommended that newer/updated versions of web browsers (and mobile web browsers) be used. Strong web browser support of the latest web standards, (HTML5 and CSS3) is required.